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FaceBlaster™ Protocols


The much awaited FaceBlaster™ has finally launched to the public! We’re so excited to put this awesome tool in your hands and watch you sculpt your face and body! I’ve been using the FaceBlaster™ for awhile, as have other blaster babes who have won them in giveaways and #CrashAndBlasts. We’ve all been seeing amazing results, and I’m stoked to hear and see your progress as well!

Sisters–THE FACEBLASTER™ IS A POWERFUL TOOL!  We know FOR SURE that it breaks up fat! Make sure to LOOK in a mirror and ONLY blast where you are desiring to be smaller. If you’re not sure, DON’T USE IT UNTIL WE CAN COACH YOU (message “Ashley Black Guru” page for coaching)! Stop using it if the result is undesired until we can guide you. The FaceBlaster™ is new and we want your feedback!

Please read this blog carefully!

Also remember that skin tightening happens over time as blood flow is restored and collagen and elastin can act on the skin. See page 70 of The Cellulite Myth for more in-depth information about skin health and tightening.

BEFORE you begin FaceBlasting, please perform the FasciaBlasting and posture correction protocols in the Migraine Relief series 2-3 times per week for at least 2-3 weeks to open up and loosen the fascia in the chest, arm lines, neck, back, and head to keep it from pulling down on the neck and face. Correcting your posture will also lengthen and stabilize your structure, ensuring you get the best results from your FaceBlasting!

Visit this blog for more information on fascia lines, and be sure to refer to page 114 of my #1 National Bestseller “The Cellulite Myth” to perform “The Posture Test” and learn how to self-evaluate areas of fascial recoil and tightness!

FaceBlasting Results

We know that the FaceBlaster™ increases blood flow, which in turn, aids in the utilization of collagen and elastin in the skin.  We also know that the FaceBlaster™ can restructure the fascia of the face, which may have significant long-term benefits. The surface fascia, which is a contributor to the appearance of wrinkles, is easily manipulated with the FaceBlaster™, allowing you to “sculpt” or “contour” your face if used properly.

I wanted to give you a small intro to the FaceBlaster™ as well as a “how-to” and what to expect. Here are some guidelines:

1. Start by taking clear “before” pictures of the front and both sides of your face and neck to ensure you have an accurate way to track your progress.

2. BEFORE you begin FaceBlasting, perform the Migraine Relief protocols 2-3 times per week for at least 2-3 weeks.

3. All FasciaBlasters, including the FaceBlaster™ WILL break down fat. Do not use the FaceBlaster™ on areas that you do not want to diminish.

4. The face does not have the ability to “build muscle” (like the glutes as explained in the Heart Butt series), so there is no way to add volume. So analyze your face and decide what parts you want smaller and more defined and only use the FaceBlaster™ on those areas.

5. The face is much less dense and more delicate than the rest of the body. The FaceBlaster™ technique is light and brisk. Do not go deep and hard, or you may cause dents.

6. In the past, users have used the FasciaBlaster® and Mini2™ on their face, which then inspired us to create the FaceBlaster™, which is a safer option. The dainty claws are perfect for this more delicate area. We recommend solely using the FaceBlaster™ for the face. You can use the larger claws on your jawline and your head as shown in the Migraine Relief Series, but please only use the FaceBlaster™ for the face!

7. Be aware that using the FasciaBlaster® on your cheeks can cause them to lose volume, just like anywhere else on your body. So if you want a high cheekbone, do not blast the cheek, only blast above and below.

8. The FaceBlaster™ is a very powerful tool. Please look in a mirror while you are blasting, because there are some immediate effects. You are responsible for contouring your face, so watch as you go to achieve the desired result.

9. When blasting around the eye area, only use two of the prongs on a single claw and be very gentle and careful. Do not blast directly over the eye area, as the tissue is very delicate.

10. We do not have enough data to make this call, so use at your own risk, but at this time we do not recommend using over Botox or fillers.

11. The FaceBlaster™ can be used on all types of scars including acne scars.

12. The FaceBlaster™ does cause detox, usually in the form of a pimple. With regular FaceBlasting and cleansing, detox will cease.

13. The neck is considered a vital part of FaceBlasting as well as the arms, chest, head, and upper back, because of the fascia lines involved. For more information, see page 119 of “The Cellulite Myth” and visit this blog.

14. Following the recovery tips in this blog, including cold therapy (ice baths or packs) can aid in the prevention of swelling and skin tightening.

15. Be sure to consider the other factors that affect healthy fascia, including proper hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and posture.

FaceBlasting Zones

face muscles faceblaster face fascia tool

It’s important that you blast your face evenly, as you don’t want to be left uneven! Here are the “zones” to blast on your face! We recommend 30-90 seconds per zone, 2-4 times a week.

  1.  The forehead
  2.  The “11’s” (between your brows)
  3.  The temples and masseter muscle
  4.  Crow’s feet
  5.  The cheek line
  6.  The jawline and double chin
  7.  Jowls
  8.  Nasolabial folds
  9.  Lips
  10.  Neck
  11. OPTIONAL: Cheeks (only if you WANT to lose volume there. Most people should not blast their cheeks.)

As mentioned above, fascia runs in lines, so it’s important to blast more than just the face! Perform all the steps in the Migraine seriesin conjunction with FaceBlasting for full fascia release and ultimate blood flow to the face.

This is a GREAT video tutorial shared by one of Ashley’s #BlasterSisters demonstrating how she uses the FaceBlaster! Follow the tutorials in Ashley’s migraine blog for best results: https://AshleyBlackGuru.com/migraine

FaceBlaster™ Considerations:

Always consult your physician prior to using the FaceBlaster™.

All known science about the FaceBlaster™ leads us to the conclusion of skin tightening, NOT saggy skin. If you experience any undesired result, discontinue immediately and send before and after pictures to my Ashley Black Guru facebook pageso we can advise you. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and blast in the mirror to avoid any undesired result.

Please use caution and consult a trusted medical professional if diagnosed with any of the conditions below. Once resolved, seek physician approval for fascia work and the FaceBlaster™.

– Acne Vulgaris

– Chicken Pox

– Herpes Zoster

– Shingles

– Skin Cancer

– Acne Rosacea

– Psoriasis

Who is Ashley Black?

Ashley Black

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I hope my experience and journey will inspire each of you to not “accept your fate”, but make your own! We were not meant to live in pain or live on pain meds and just getting through the day! Life is beautiful and it’s worth living to its fullest – and now you can!

I went from being a partially bedridden child destined to a wheelchair to being a surfer chick, mom of 3, business woman, and fascia expert! When you realize that you can beat your “restrictions” and make your own destiny, it’s hard for anything to hold you back.

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