Clinical Fasciology Treatments for Pain Management, Sports Performance & Lifestyle.

Some people come to the spa to be massaged, treated and relax. But others want to be deeply dug into, pulled apart, and aggressively have their joints opened to address chronic tightness and injuries!  Calling these OTHERS!



The elite body workers of Top 10 athletes in every major sport and Celebrity A-Listers have set up a Fasciology Treatment clinic at Trilogy Spa.

Tell your weekend warrior friends, your Kings players, Lakers or anyone that wants serious body work that world renowned Fasciologist Ashley Black and her team have set up shop shop at Trilogy Spa!

Black is a world renowned expert and has been flown all over the world to work with Royal families, super star pro athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and the biggest celebrities in the business… Literally!

Much more to come… but check out the quick video and client photos, and tell all your hard core friends that Trilogy now all your injury and sports performance needs covered, too!

This is truly a once in a lifetime, unique experience!


Current Client Results of Ashley Black’s Fasciology Treatments

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