What are the benefits of IV Therapy?

Patients that received IV Therapy experience increased energy levels, they usually perform better in their daily activities and feel more energized throughout the day. It improves the performance of the cells and boosts the immune system making you less prone to infection. It washes away plaques within the arteries that can contribute to heart disease. Most of us are exposed daily to numerous toxins and so IV Therapy can help keep our circulatory system clean, helping the body get rid of substances that it would not normally know how to digest or break down.

How does the IV work?

IVs work rapidly for replenishing electrolytes and vitamins. It delivers 100% of the vitamins directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the GI tract, which slows down the absorption and efficacy of the vitamins. If you were to take a vitamin pill orally, only 2­5% may end up in your blood stream.

Does it hurt?

In general No. Pain is a subjective thing, and differs from person to person. If you’re worried about pain, we have a great anesthetic cream that we can use before we start the infusion so that you effectively feel nothing. Otherwise there is minimal pain with insertion of the needle.

How often can I get an IV?

This can differ between patients. Some patients get an IV once weekly, to monthly for maintenance, since the effect of the vitamins can wear off in two to three weeks. IV’s can be customized by Dr. Kim and would be tailored for the client based on individualized needs and then administered recommendations accordingly.

Who administers the IV?

IV Therapy is alway administered by Dr. Kim or one of our carefully selected certified Registered Nurses.

What is it like inside the spa?

The IV bar is located in the spa with comfortable chairs, if you need privacy, there are private rooms available however a reservation may need be required for a private room. We have WiFI access so you can connect your phone and listen to your favorite music and relax while you receive your treatment. We also provide iPads if you wish to browse the internet.

Is IV covered by insurance? 

IV is not covered by any insurance.

What are some of the side effects?

There are low side effects. Some patients may experience a slight burning sensation on the IV site at the initial moment of the infusion. Sensation of warmth and flushing, may occurs if the infusion is given too quickly. Sensation of coldness as the fluid enters the body. We have a blanket available if needed. Some experience nausea like most vitamins if taken on an empty stomach. It’s important to have something on your stomach before having an IV. Extremely rare side effect noted of fever and headache.

Is the IV safe for expectant mothers?

For expectant mothers we recommend B12 and or B complex injections.

Are there any contraindications to having an IV? 

Patients with allergies to any of the components or with moderate to severe kidney disease are not candidates for this treatment.

Do I need an appointment ?

Appointments are strongly recommended as we would prefer to maximise your time by having an appointment. This will insure a minimal to no wait time for you so that you may in and out and back to your busy life. Having an appointment also gives time to fully address any potential issues that may arise with your medical history before you come in for treatment.

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