IV Treatments



IVs are always administered by Dr. Kim or one of our certified RNs.


Myers + Wellness
Dr. Kim’s version of the celebrity-favorite Dr. Meyers IV Cocktail, enhanced for the maximum benefits in overall well­being • $175

Super Immune
Feeling cold or flu-ish? This cocktail recognizes & then attacks to pathogens to shorten downtime. You might feel sick…but not for long. Dr. Kim recommends adding a shot of glutathione • $195

The Travel Companion
Dehydration is the key component of jet-lag. Hydrate & boost your immune system. Good for pre-travel or post travel. IV includes Dr. Kim’s proprietary blend of vitamins & plenty of hydration. Add a shot of glutathione for even better results • $175

Hangover Recovery / Rejuvenation
Improve mental clarity with this wonderfully hydrating fluid. Great to refuel & get back on track after an all nighter or long weekend. Dr. Kim’s recommendation: add a shot of glutathione(detox), zofran(nausea), or toradol (pain) • $175

Beautiful You Collagen Boost
True beauty from the inside out. Promotes collagen production, helps with cellular turnover and inflammation. Dr. Kim added a proprietary dose of vitamins and minerals that help promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. Perfect after facial treatment. Add a shot of glutathione for even better results • $175

Sports Performance
This cocktail will help get you ahead of your game! Energize! Boost performance, hydrate before a marathon, competition, avoid cramping, decreased fatigue. This drip is Dr. Kim’s proprietary blend of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and minerals • $175

Sports Recovery
Hydrate! Replenish! Renew! Shorten your recovery, with this natural anti­-inflammatory fluid, which helps you recover beautifully. Get your dose of dr. Kim’s needed proprietary blend of vitamins, added minerals, electrolytes and amino acids • $175

The Detox/Cleanse
This drip aids in the release of toxins, supports maintenance of your metabolism and the breakdown of fat. This IV is a nice add­on after a massage. Add a shot of glutathione for even better results • $195

Simply Hydration
Balance your system, and hydrate with 1 liter of fluid. The IV is infused with electrolytes, and minerals. Hydration helps with fatigue, headaches, joint pain, kidney function, ulcers, weight gain and blood pressure maintenance • $80

The BIG C is C­-Tastic! It has natural antioxidant & anti­-inflammatory properties, making it not only fantastic for a healthy immune system, but great for skin. It helps with the production of collagen, acne reduction & prevention, as well as aids as a natural protector against the sun, by reducing the number of free radicals caused by UVA rays. This IV is wonderful after a facial treatment or massage. You will glow after this treatment. Add a shot of glutathione for even better results • $150



Meyers Wellness
No time for a 40 minute IV drip? This 15 minute, syringe is just what the doctor ordered. High potency C, proprietary vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids & magnesium, helps to energize, strengthen your immune system, and improve sleep. Enjoy! • $140


Quick injections that pack a big nutritional punch!

Vitamin B12
Fights tiredness & fatigue, boosts energy and metabolism, superfood for the brain. • $35

B Complex
B Complex: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 • $35

B12 + B Complex
A combo of all essential B vitamins • $50

Vitamin D
Strengthens immune system, helps prevent osteoporosis, and has been shown to reduce cancer risk • $35

MIC Fat Zapping
Methionine – helps with reducing fat and cholesterol. Inositol – helps with metabolizing fat Choline – helps metabolize lipids • $35

MIC + B12
Fat burning shot with B12 added for energy boost • $50

MIC + L-Carnitine
An amnio acid that is required for the transport and breakdown of fat for the generation of metabolic energy • $50

Most powerful anti­-aging supplement • $50

A narcotic pain reliever. Great add-on for The Hangover • $40

Immediately combat nausea • $55

About Dr. Kim


Why Dr. Kim Loves Glutathione
1. It is a potent natural substance made by cells in our body but in microscopic amounts
2. Enhances the immune system by providing stimulus for lymphocyte and antibody production
3. Very powerful regulator of other antioxidants
4. Excellent detoxification tool
5. Excellent antioxidant and free radical scavenger
6. Potentially the best and most powerful Anti­Aging supplement available.

 *Discounted Package Pricing Available*


Private consultations with Dr. Kim are available by appointment at Trilogy Spa. Dr. Kim is interested in working with patients that are interested in a personalized style of care and for patients that are seeking a true relationship with their physician. His practice will be limited in number to maintain intimacy as he feels intimacy to be an important feature for healthy practice to thrive. His personalized offering and the enhanced level of service he is offering is based uniquely on the individualized patient, taking concierge medicine to another level. “It will truly be personal and uniquely individualized solely to the patient, based on individual needs as no one person is the same”.



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