Botox & Fillers

 Joanne E. Low, M.D.

Dr. Low specializes in a natural look ensuring her expert touch for eye detail and proportion. She is committed to providing her patients the most professional, effective, and advanced care available.

Her facial artistry can be seen (or not) on some of LA’s hottest A-List Celebrities. Dr. Low has had the highest caliber training in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery and she intricately understands the facial and eye structure, as well the importance and concerns of the patient.

She welcomes questions and open discussion regarding each patient’s individual needs and concerns to ensure the greatest comfort prior to, during and after treatment.

 Injectables are always personally administered by Dr. Joanne E. Low, M.D.

Dr. Low works with patients that are interested in Facial Artistry. Her prices are per session (not per unit or area) and touch-ups are included at no charge. Her extensive training and expertise ensures a natural and balanced full face look.

  • Trained Ocular Facial Surgeon performing the treatment
  • Touch-Ups included
  • Smoothes moderate to severe lines
  • No downtime

Dr. Low’s Filler treatments create natural volume and fullness for her patient’s individual face. She specializes in a variety of filler options including Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse. She will discuss your goals to determine which state-of-the art product best meets your specific needs.

Kybella works to help eliminate a double chin, refine the appearance of the jawline and help stimulate collagen. Dr. Low will improve your profile with the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that removes fat cells under your chin. Downtime is minimal and results can be seen within three weeks.

*Discounted Member Pricing Available*

Private consultations with Dr. Low are available by appointment. Dr. Low works with patients that are interested in Facial Artistry. Her prices are per session and touch-ups are included at no charge.



Manhattan Beach