About IVs & Dr. Kim


About Dr. Kim

  • Undergraduate: University of California, Irvine ­ BS
  • Medical School: Drexel University ­ MD
  • Post Graduate Training: Internship and residency: University of California Irvine Medical Center 
  • Chief Residency in Internal Medicine: University of California Irvine Medical Center
  • Clinical (teaching) Professor at University of California Irvine Medical Center for 8 years
  • Numerous awards and recognitions for Outstanding Clinician and Teacher during tenure at UCI.
  • Founding physician responsible for the development and launch of the standing hospitalist program at University of California, Irvine.
  • Contributing author ‘Hospital Medicine Secrets’, 12/2006
  • University of California Irvine Weight Management Program 9yrs (1998 ­ 2006)
  • Board certified by the American Board of Anti­Aging Medicine as a specialist in Anti­Aging Medicine. 

His Practice

Dr. Kim has been practicing medicine for 21 years. In 2007 he decided to leave The University of California, Irvine to go into private practice. His practice successfully thrives in Torrance where he works independently as a hospitalist at Little Company of Mary and Torrance Memorial, and offers pre and post operative services and maintains an intimate office practice.

Why Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine?

While Dr. Kim is strongly rooted in traditional medicine, he noticed its many limitations in treating and in prevention of illness. Open to the thought of integrating solutions, he decided to enroll in a fellowship program in Anti­Aging and Functional medicine. The combination of his many prior years of training, teaching and research helped influence Dr. Kim’s hand as he discovered and eventually created an innovative style of practicing medicine that is uniquely his own.

Dr. Kim’s Mission

Dr. Kim is now honored to premier some of his offerings at Trilogy Spa in Manhattan Beach. This summer, he will be opening his concierge practice, also in Manhattan Beach. This practice will have an emphasis on longevity, preventive care and overall wellness. The Total Care he is offering will utilizes his advanced physician training along with comprehensive medical testing not available in most traditional practices.

Dr. Kim is interested in working with patients that are interested in a personalized style of care and for patients that are seeking a true relationship with their physician. His practice will be limited in number to maintain intimacy as he feels intimacy to be an important feature for healthy practice to thrive. His personalized offering and the enhanced level of service he is offering is based uniquely on the individualized patient, taking concierge medicine to another level. “It will truly be personal and uniquely individualized solely to the patient, based on individual needs as no one person is the same”.

Dr. Kim will continue to maintain privileges at Torrance Memorial Hospital and Little Company of Mary Hospital. He feels his affiliation, hospitalist knowledge and connections to be a resource adding to his personalized care offering for his patients.

Dr. Kim is committed to the maintenance of his dual board certifications status (that of Internal Medicine and Anti­Aging/Functional Medicine) and is also commitment to doing research needed to bring cutting edge and quality information to share with his practice for improved lifestyle.

Dr. Kim is one of the few doctors in the South Bay to be double board Certified in Internal Medicine and Functional and Anti­Aging Medicine.

In addition to his board certification, he is one of the few fellowship trained Functional and Regenerative medicine.

The IV

Dr. Kim utilizes all his knowledge in treating his patients in the most up to date manner. His decision to utilize IV nutrition came from working with patients with gastric bypass and gastrectomy surgeries. Patients that suffer from chronic fatigue, chronic malnutrition, vitamin deficiency and a host of other issues. Dr. Kim researched methods used by Dr. Myers developing some of his own blends of IV nutritional cocktails and are based on his own experience. It is Dr. Kim’s feeling that we can all can benefit from IV nutrition since it is the most effective way to deliver vitamins and minerals to our body’s system.

A Vitamin IV is truly beauty starting from the inside out and a lovely compliment to most any treatment offered at Trilogy Spa.

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